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If you run a application and got the error message "The program can’t start because MSVCR110.dll is missing from your computer." then the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable is missing on the current computer.

This error appears when you wish to run a software which require the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2012. The redistributable can easily be downloaded on the Microsoft website as x86 or x64 edition.

Depending on the software you wish to install you need to install either the 32 bit or the 64 bit version. If you do not know which version you need to install, start to install the 32 bit version and if you still got the error install then the 64 bit version. On a 32 bit OS you can install only the 32 bit redistributable.

You need to install the correct Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable. If the software you wish to run require the 2012 DLLs it will not start with the 2010 ones.

You can install both versions on the same computer at the same time (if this is a 64bit OS).

MSVCR110.dll error help

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  1. Is that all you know, just an "error" with the dll file? Doesn't it say what type of error (eg file missing)?

    If it's missing, you need to install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2012 from the Microsoft Download Centre.
    Easiest way to find the download page is to copy/paste the italicised text in to Google Search.
  2. I had to copy and paste this dll from a old copy of vista into my 7 I been finding windows 7 is short on some things that XP and vista had in them you may find after you get this dll in there will be about 3 more to get that's not included in 7 as were in XP and vista
  3. I had to copy and paste this dll from a old copy of vista into my 7 I been finding windows 7 is short on some things that XP and vista had in them you may find after you get this dll in there will be about 3 more to get that's not included in 7 as were in XP and vista

    Bad advice. Copying files across from other computers may cause mismatched file versions. Downloading the latest Visual C++ package from Microsoft as I explained is the correct way.
  4. well it works just fine and all the programs now run with out issues

    he won't get it from that been there done that
  5. the only wat to get it is copy the dll from a copy of window its in and put it in 7 one copy goes into system 32 the other wow64 it will fall right in order with the rest and not harm nothing been doing this for years with 7 to get my older programs to work
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    p.s its not a file its just the dll no more no less

    I just wanted to reply (sorry for the bump) to say that I can appreciate your tenacity in this subject. However, you should really think about taking computer classes if you want to give proper advice to people on Tom's Hardware. AS MENTIONED EARLIER, you CANNOT, and SHOULD NOT copy over different versions of DLL files (unless you like Blue Screens). Also, "simply copying" a DLL file does not register the dll file in the system. Maybe you have been doing it for years, but you've been doing it the bad way. There is a way to get and register those files for newer OS's and still be able to run your older programs.

    I LOVE how you say it's not a file. Do you even know the lasting importance of Dynamic Link Libraries? Have you even taken a lick of computer classes? DLL's are the nerve system of your OS.

    To the original poster, I apologize for this rant.
    To junkymonkey, please be mindful of what you tell people.

    Seeing as my post has become almost unproductive. My suggestion would be to install Microsoft VC++ 2012. If that absolutely wont work, try grabbing VS Ultimate 2013. Lastly, I too am having this error. It might only be an issue itself with the program. What I do to fix it, is to end task the problem program and then relaunch it, pain in the butt, but it usually works.
  7. well how does your advice differ them anybody elses?? I mean yopu give your opinion I give mine I practice what I posted cause as with most newer windows things are removed that are still needed for older windows programs ..

    so if your scared that's cool, I find it easer to replace or add a dll then buy another 100$ software or game I done paid for just because it works on win-xp and not 7 or what ever so now it works on all of them for free.. no issues

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I have windows 7 pro 64bit. I have after a recent fresh install been having this Msvcr110.dll error soon after. I have not changed any hardware and have kept windows up to date. No specific program seems to trigger it. The error occurs when starting a program, and there is a chance this error will appear and not go way. Clicking OK button 50 or so times allows the program to run and the error message may show a few more times before departing. I have downloaded and tried getting the .dll and the message still continues. I have seen numerous links to this:

I have downloaded and installed it several times, but it still continues. So far it appears when installing Adobe Flash, and sometimes while starting Teamviewer remote desktop.
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