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Having trouble reaching your health goals? Maybe it’s because you’ve been focusing on your physical health first… Try reading today’s guest article by Joseph Green, and see if maybe you might benefit from taking his tips for a healthier mind in order to have a healthier body.

The body and the mind are inexorably linked together; you cannot separate one from the other. A healthy body allows you to accomplish what you need to accomplish; it lets the brain work for you, thinking better, processing information better and more.

It works the other way also; a healthy brain – one that is informed, curious, always learning – keeps a person feeling young and vital, and lets you exercise, move around, and be active.

A healthy mind keeps you vibrant. A healthy body keeps you free and alive. Both together makes a satisfying life.

We have all heard it said that stress will kill you, but in 2012 researchers proved it (Russ, et al, 2012). They found that people with high levels of stress or social dysfunction had a higher chance of dying from any variety of disorders, including heart disease and cancer (Russ et al, 2012).

Following are a few tips for things that you can do every day to keep both your body and your mind healthy, and live each day to the fullest:

Cut Down Your Stress

Stress is a healthy human response to serious situations; it tells us to run if being chased by a wolf, to get that big project done on time, or to go to the doctor when we have chest pains. Stress serves a purpose. But too much stress, and stress that is not well controlled, can lead to a variety of physical and mental disorders. As mentioned previously, stress can damage body systems.

The key is not to try to eliminate stress, but to learn to manage it. This can mean learning not to take on too much, learning to manage your time better, setting priorities and so forth. It can also mean working off “steam”, as they say by exercising or doing yoga to calm your mind.

One thing that can lead to stress is not accomplishing all that you need to do in a day. For the occasional sluggish feeling or lack of energy, energy supplements might be the thing to give you that kick, let you knock out your to-do list, and help you feel accomplished and stress free.

Build up a Spiritual Connection

One way that many people find effective for controlling stress is to build a spiritual connection. For some, this may mean embracing religion, and that’s wonderful if you are a person of faith. But it can also mean embracing the universe, nature, or whatever higher energy or power you believe in.

The idea behind building a spiritual connection is about understanding that you are one small part of a vast universe, important in your own way, but small. This means that something which happens today is not the end of life; you learn to trust in a greater power, to release your concerns to something beyond you. In that release you can find emotional freedom and physical health.

A Healthy Diet

Eating a balanced diet is an important part of nurturing a healthy body that can take you where you want to go, do what you need to do, and help your mind feel energized and productive. You don’t have to be a vegetarian or see a nutritionist to eat well. Simply enjoy ample fresh, whole foods every day.

Worried that you had a busy day (or a busy week) and were unable to eat well and get all the nutrition that your body needs? To fill in the occasional gaps in your diet consider bulk supplements, particularly things like Vitamin B, Vitamin D, Omega 3, and Vitamin C.

Positive Approach

Attitude is everything. Great leaders are born, not specifically from skill but more from attitude. Being confident and positive is attractive to others. Being negative repels people like the plague. A very famous book, The Secret, talks about the importance of being positive; it’s all about the Law of Attraction. This is the idea that you get back from the universe what you send out there.

Thus, a person who always talks about how they have no money will always have no money, but a person who is positive, who shows the world that they have enough, will draw more money to them. The same is true of friends, health and everything – a positive attitude brings good karma. As they say, you attract more flies with honey.

Create a Healthy Environment

To achieve the above – to be positive, eat well, cut stress and embrace your own spirituality – you need to surround yourself with an environment that is supportive of these things. Sure, some aspects of your environment may be out of your control. But change what you can, spend time with people who reflect what you want out of life, go to places that embrace what matters to you, shop at stores and restaurants that have healthy foods.

Turn your world into a place that allows you to reduce stress, eat well, be positive, and embrace your spirituality and you will have a healthy mind and body, and they will work together to give you a satisfying life.


Russ et al. (2012). Association between psychology distress and mortality. British Journal of Medicine. Retrieved from, http://www.bmj.com/content/345/bmj.e4933

About the Author

Joseph Green is editor-in-chief and owner at NutraBulk. Nutrabulk specializes in best high quality of bulk supplements for the benefit of everyone’s health. He is also very passionate about researching and writing on various health issues. Be sure to connect with Joseph on Twitter and Facebook for more great health, wellness and fitness information.

Do you have any tips to add to this list for a healthier mind?

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