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Strategic Analysis of Yahoo Inc!

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1) Yahoo! Inc. The Internet Giant

Following the success of Netscape and its web browser, Internet became a resource and communication platform idolized by many IT students in the universities. What started off as a hobby-cum-research[1] work by Jerry Yang (now Chief of Yahoo!) and David Filo (Co-founder of Yahoo!) for their Ph.D. dissertations; has evolved and became an Internet sensation over time. What they did was to compile all their favourite web links to form an online directory for easy navigation in the World Wide Web. The duo’s work immediately garnered a lot of attention from many surfers in the Internet world and before they realized it, Yahoo! became one of the most highly visited websites of all time. The duo saw the…show more content…

Messenger to stay in touch with the world loved ones, friends and colleagues. This level of services does not provide any direct revenue source to the company except to build up the membership base and attract more unique visitors (number of eyeballs attraction) to enhance the visibility of the portal which can help to build up the brand and reputation.

- Advertisers and publishers form the main source of revenue for the company. They consist of both pure-clicks and bricks-and-clicks merchants and retailers wishing to capitalize on the Internet as a form of marketing tool to push their line of products and services to the consumers. Online publishers may include small time business operators that attempt to sell their products or services to the customers as well. The revenue source includes advertising fees, transaction fees and referral fees to affiliates.

- Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) wishing to build an online presence at Yahoo! website by subscribing to the Yahoo! Merchant Solutions program which help SMEs to create and run a virtual store front in under an hour! The package comes with a domain name parking service, a business application suite such as business web mail service as well as all the hosting needs all rolled into one simple solution. The revenue source will include the monthly subscription fees of the SMEs for the running, maintenance and 24/7 support extended to the merchants. This greatly reduced the transaction costs involved in

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It sounds like the "meaning of the poem" is not really part of the question here. If the question is how Maya Angelou makes it a moving poem, you might want to start with what makes a poem moving to begin with.

Think of your intro paragraph as a funnel: you begin with a broad discussion - in this case, about Maya Angelou's writing, or about what moves someone in poetry, or what poetic techniques contribute to making a poem moving. As you develop your introduction, you are gradually getting more narrow in focus, until you come to your one central point about the poem: a thesis statement, one sentence that defines the rest of your essay. It could be a statement giving the main aspect of the poem that moves (as you can then describe and define and refine on a stanza by stanza basis), or giving one key technical or aesthetic requirement for making poetry move a reader, or anything else that can focus your essay.

There is no reason you cannot talk about meaning, and if the "meaning" is what makes it moving to you, that is fine. With the intro, though, your task is simply to develop and then define the point of the essay.

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