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Among both school children and pensioners, the internet is the most utilized in searching for facts (90%) and for looking up words (85%). Everyone does this at least once in a while, even among pensioners. Many, also in the older ages, use the internet to look up addresses and timetables. Using the internet to get information about a hobby or a special interest, to take part in culture, science and literature, to look up information about traveling, about health information and public information is something that is done by internet users of all ages. However, the elderly mostly utilize the internet to look for information and facts.

In some cases, such as using the internet to take part in political information, visit online communities and forums in connection with special interests and to use the internet to compare prices it is mostly those in the ages of 16 to 35, respective 16 to 45 (comparing prices) who are active.

Looking at all internet users it is not so many that use the internet to look for work, participate in distance studies or seek information about school work, but we see that 94 percent of unemployed have used the internet at least once to search for a job, 86 percent at some time once a week and 49 percent daily.


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The Internet as a Beneficial Learning Tool for Students Essay

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The Internet as a Beneficial Learning Tool for Students

The Internet, commonly referred to as the “information superhighway,” is a tool that has been introduced to classrooms around the world because of its popularity, which has been gaining steadily in the past years. The Internet is a network of computers in which users can share files and complete many other tasks. Many people and groups have voiced concerns of whether the Internet’s benefits in classroom and educational use outweigh the negative effects. From recent studies and personal experiences, I have come to the decision that the benefits certainly outweigh the negative effects. I believe that the students who use information technology such as the Internet regularly in…show more content…

They spend large amounts of money each year to expand the usage of the Internet and other newly developed technology in schools across our nation. According to the U.S. Department of Education on Technology, “The latest research and evaluation studies demonstrate that school improvement programs that employ technology for teaching and learning yield positive results for students and teachers.” Continuing, they also say that although many schools and classrooms have only recently been given access to technology for teaching and learning, the positive outcomes of these studies advocate a very bright future for education if the nation holds true with its commitment to keeping a hold of technology for education. With realizing the need for national usage of the technologies such as the Internet in classrooms, the U.S. Department of Education developed a National Strategy For Technology In Education. This national strategy has five main goals. The first goal wants that all students and teachers will have access to information technology not only in their classrooms and schools but also in their households and communities. Secondly, that all teachers will strive to help their students achieve academic excellence with the aid of information technology. Following goals one and two, they desire that all students will become familiar or literate with the new and rapidly changing information technology of

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