Sfu Pdp Essay Contest

SFU Admission Requirement

All PDP applicants mustbe admissible to SFU at the undergraduate level. For the September 2018 PDP intake, applicants must apply to SFU at the undergraduate level by February 28, 2018.

Education Course Requirement - January 2018 intake only

Students who have been accepted into the January 2018 PDP intake may complete an Education course prior to the start of the program.  If an Education course is not completed prior to the start of PDP, an additional Education course must be completed during the summer semester of the program to satisfy Teacher Regulation Branch certification requirements.  An acceptable Education course usually has EDUC in its course prefix and covers topics appropriate to the Elementary or Secondary grade levels.  Please note that the following SFU EDUC courses are not acceptable: EDUC 199, 211, 212, 342, and 351.

SFU Literacy Requirement

All PDP applicants must meet SFU's literacy requirement. Applicants who have completed a post-secondary English course transferable to SFU with a C- or better automatically meet this requirement. There are also other ways to meet the literacy requirement. Please visit the SFU literacy requirement page for more information.

SFU Quantitative Requirement - B.Ed. as a second degree only

To complete a B.Ed. as a second degree during the PDP, applicants must meet SFU's quantitative requirement. This is required to enroll in a Q course during the professional coursework semester. There are many ways to meet the quantitative requirement. Please visit the SFU quantitative requirement page for more information.

French Language Assessment - French module only

Applicants who are applying to the French module must submit a French language assessment with their PDP application.     

Teacher Certification Requirement

To teach K-12 in BC schools, student teachers must meet the teacher certification requirements set out by the Teacher Regulation Branch (TRB) of the BC Ministry of Education. In some cases, the PDP's requirements may be higher than the TRB's. This is because the PDP is designed to prepare teachers for the challenges of K–12 schooling in BC, while TRB’s must also consider inter-provincial certification.

Criminal Record Check

Once accepted into the program, all applicants must clear a Criminal Records Check with Vulnerable Sector Search. This can be done through SFU Student Services. People who have been convicted of a criminal offence should contact the TRB for clarification of their status before applying to a teacher education program.

John Rosborough Memorial Scholarship in Education (CGPA 3.50)

The $1000 scholarship will be awarded annually to an outstanding student in the Faculty of Education’s Professional Development Program, Professional Linking Program, or Professional Qualification Program based on academic merit, overall performance during the completion of the Professional Programs practica, and a demonstrated interest in some aspect of information technology in the field of education.

Applications must include:

  • a letter and resume chronicling involvement and interest with information technology in education.

Applications for the scholarship should include a letter and resume chronicling involvement and interest with the information technology in education. The award will be made by the Senate Undergraduate Awards Adjudication Committee on the nomination of the dean, Faculty of Education.

Eligible students: PDP, PLP, PQP

Special application or portfolio requirements: Portfolio, nomination form, and letter and resume chronicling involvement and interest with information technology in education.


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