Integrated Circuits Research Paper

Integrated Circuits and VLSI

Research in analog integrated circuits includes low-power and high-precision sensor and actuator interface circuits, telecommunication and RF circuits, wireless telemetry, and high-speed analog-digital converters.

Research in VLSI digital circuits includes microprocessor and mixed signal (microcontroller) circuits, with emphasis on low-power and high-performance; computer-aided design, including logic synthesis, physical design, and design verification; testing and design for testability; advanced logic families and packaging; integrated circuit micro-architectures; and system integration.


Analog Circuits
Data converters
Digital circuits
Energy harvesting
Hardware DSP implementation
Low power circuits
RF circuits
Sensing systems

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ECE Faculty

Afshari, Ehsan
Aktakka, Ethem Erkan
Avestruz, Al-Thaddeus
Blaauw, David T.
Dick, Robert
Flynn, Michael P.
Kim, Hun-Seok
Lee, Inhee
Li, Tao
Najafi, Khalil
Rais-Zadeh, Mina
Sylvester, Dennis
Ulaby, Fawwaz T.
Wentzloff, David D.
Woo, Jong-Kwan
Yoon, Euisik
Zhang, Zhengya

CSE Faculty

Dreslinski, Ronald
Hayes, John P.

Courtesy Faculty

Gilbert, Anna C.


Foo, Zhiyoong
Kim, Gyouho
Kim, Yejoong
Saligane, Mehdi


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DAC-digital to analog converter - 2012-dac - 2012-analog-design - analog IC-xilinx

Analog layout

ADC-Analog to digital converter - 2012-adc

cmos analog circuit design-allen holberg-free book

what is a mixed signal circuit

Analog CMOS Standard-Cell

mixed analog digital multirate signal processingcurrent mirror research papers

Comparison of CMOS Current Mirror Sources
free download
ABSTRACT The benefits of using good current sources in analog signal conditioning circuit are well known. The objectives of this paper are to built and compare the CMOS current mirror sources fit for the desired applications. The current sources are developed by using

Current mirror circuit with accurate mirror gain for low beta transistors.
free download
Abstract A new current mirror with accurate mirror gain for low transistors is presented. The new current mirror employs a cascoded output stage to provide high output impedance. High mirror gain accuracy is achieved by using a split-collector transistor to compensate

A novel ultra low power high performance atto-ampere CMOS current mirror with enhanced bandwidth
free download
Abstract A novel CMOS atto-ampere current mirror (AACM) is proposed which reaches the minimum yet reported current range of 0.4 aA. Operation of this circuit is based on the source voltage modulation instead of the conventionally used gate voltage modulation

A high compliance input and output regulated body-driven current mirror for deep-submicron CMOS
free download
INTRODUCTION he current mirror (CM) remains a critical building block of analog VLSI circuits. In accordance with Moores Law, MOSFET feature sizes continue to be reduced, which in turn increase the difficulties in designing highYperformance analog circuits in

A high accurate and high output impedance current mirror
free download
ABSTRACT Current mirror is one of the most important building blocks of analog integrated circuits. For high performance analog circuit applications, accuracy and output impedance are the most important parameters to determine the performance of the current mirror. A

A Modified Active Current Mirror Suitable for Current Mode Algorithmic Analog to Digital Converter
free download
Abstract A modified active current mirror suitable for precision current-mode algorithmic analog-to-digital converters is presented. Employing only a 5-transistor opamp, with aid of a novel method, the current mirror achieves high current transfer accuracy for a wide range

A Low Loss Wide Swing Cascode Current Mirror in 0.18-µm CMOS Technology
free download
Abstract Current mirror is an essential component in analog integrated circuit design for biasing and constant current generation. In this paper a design of a wide swing cascode current mirror circuit (WSCCM) is proposed by using Mentor Graphics Design Architect

Low voltage programmable double-gate MOSFETs current mirror and its application as programmable-gain current amplifier
free download
Low voltage programmable double-gate MOSFETs current mirror and its application as programmable- gain current amplifier The programmable current mirror has a wide tuning range, a wide bandwidth and low supply voltage of 1V.

Digitally controllable delay element using switched-current mirror
free download
ABSTRACT Controllable delay elements are essential for shifting the edges of signals in many digital and mixedmode signal processing integrated circuits. Digitally programmable delay elements (DPDEs) are more flexible, less susceptible to noise and exhibit more

Novel current-scaling current-mirror a-Si: H TFT pixel electrode circuit with cascade capacitor for AM-OLEDs
free download
Over last several years, it was shown by several authors [1-3] that the current driving pixel electrode circuits are among the most desirable solutions for active-matrix organic lightemitting displays (AM-OLEDs). However, as display size and resolution increase, a

Precision Current Mirror
free download
A current mirror shown in the figure 1.1 is a common block used in most analog circuits. As the name indicates, a'Current Mirror'is a circuit which is used for copying the current. M1 is a diode connected, which acts as input device and M2 acts as output device. The aspect

A neuron MOS current mirror with a transimpedance amplifier
free download
ABSTRACT In this paper, we proposed a neuron MOS current mirror with a transimpedance amplifier. The conventional circuit is composed of a voltage amplifier and resistances. However, the resistance voltage drop makes operating range narrow. The proposed

An improved current mirror based approach for linear spatial filtering
free download
ABSTRACT In this paper a current mirror struc-ture is presented that can be used to build large processor arrays performing linear spatial filtering. The proposed structure practically halves the number of transistors when compared to previous solutions. This improvement has

1-V CMOS class AB current mirror,"
free download
ABSTRACT A CMOS class AB current mirror whose supply requirements are restricted to one threshold voltage plus three saturation voltages is presented. The circuit uses two poly resistors and two auxiliary differential amplifiers to achieve low-voltage operation, as well

A New Approach For Design Of Cmos Based Cascode Current Mirror For Asp Applications
free download
Abstract The current mirror is the core structure for analog, digital and mixed signal circuits and thus, the performance of the analog devices mostly depends on it's characteristics ie for low voltage analog CMOS circuits, a low voltage current mirror circuit

Third-Order Current-Mode Filter Realization using CMOS Current-Mirror
free download
ABSTRACT In this paper, we have presented an approach to realize third order current-mode filters using CMOS current-mirrors with two different techniques. This paper presents the realization of third-order low-pass (LP) active current-mode filters using cascade

Designing the Widlar current mirror
free download
The Widlar current mirror, a widely used integrated circuit configuration, normally receives only a superficial treatment in electronics texts. This didactic study consists of a detailed analysis followed by a step-by-step design procedure that takes into account resistor and

Design of a 2.4 GHz High-Performance Up-Conversion Mixer with Current Mirror Topology
free download
Abstract. In this paper, a low voltage low power up-conversion mixer, designed in a Chartered 0.18 µm RFCMOS technology, is proposed to realize the transmitter front-end in the frequency band of 2.4 GHz. The up-conversion mixer uses the current mirror topology

Comparison of CMOS Current Mirror Sources
free download
ABSTRACT The benefits of using good current sources in analog signal conditioning circuit are well known. The objectives of this paper are to built and compare the CMOS current mirror sources fit for the desired applications. The current sources are developed by using

A current mirror model in Verilog-AMS
free download
Abstract This work presents a model of a simple current mirror implemented in Verilog-AMS language using the circuit simulator Smash. The model is validated through comparisons with simulations made with the ACM model implemented in Smash. Simulations with the

Improved current mirror output performance by using graded-channel SOI nMOSFETs
free download
Abstract This work introduces the use of Graded-Channel SOI MOSFETs to make analog current mirrors and compare their performance with those made with conventional fully depleted SOI transistors. It is demonstrated that Graded-Channel MOSFETs can provide

Linear transmission of analogue current-signals via fibre optics using the Optically-CoupledCurrent-Mirror (OCCM) architecture.
free download
DV Camin, V Grassi, F Levati 2004 ABSTRACT The Optically-Coupled Current-Mirror (OCCM) is a circuit architecture based on a novel optical feedback loop, that allows mirroring a current flowing in an isolated, or high voltage biased conductor, to ground potential. The OCCM has a simple but powerful

A New Current Mirror Layout Technique for Improved Matching Characteristics
free download
ABSTRACT This paper proposes a new current mirror layout technique to improve matching characteristics in the presence of parameter gradient. Effects of threshold gradients across a mirror on the matching characteristics of current mirrors are discussed. New and the

Improved first generation current conveyor based on self-cascode current mirror
free download
ABSTRACT This paper presents an improved first generation current conveyor. The proposed circuit is based on a CMOS translinear loop and self-cascode current mirrors. The structure of the circuit is analyzed and compared with a classical CCI structure. PSpice simulation

free download
ABSTRACT Momentarily the analog electronics has made low voltage, low power circuit designs extremely adorable. As power is the product of supplied voltage and flowing current through the circuit so power id directly varies with supplied voltage. That means reducing

free download
ABSTRACT In this paper, a new adaptive biased low voltage cascode current mirror with high input/output swing is presented. This advantage is achieved using a self-biasing transistor and compensation resistor. The new structure profits from better input dynamic

free download
ABSTRACT Now days use of most of the electric components have been increased due to that power dissipation and the use of the power given to the electric electronic circuits are not fully utilized. So to avoid this problem the concept of Low Power system arises. As part

free download

Analysis and Study of FGMOS Based Current Mirror Circuit Using 0.35 µm Technology
free download
SB Joshi, JC Prajapati, BH Soni ABSTRACT Analysis of Floating Gate MOSFETs (FGMOS) is carried out. Circuits like simple current mirror and FGMOS based current mirror are discussed. FGMOS based current mirrors can be operated at lower voltage levels. FGMOS based cascode current mirror

A 2.5 V 6.4 mW 10-bit 140MS/s Digital-to-Analog Converter with Improved Current Mirror
free download
CH Kuo, JC Tsai ABSTRACT A 10-bit 140MS/s digital-to-analog converter (DAC) with improved current mirror is presented. In order to improve the resolusion of a 10-bit DAC, a segmented decoding plus R- 2R architecture will be introduced. DAC system modeling shows that the dynamic

A Control 1 for an Optocoupler-less DC-DC Converter with a Current Mirror Detection Circuit
free download
M Inaba, M Iwamura, N Akiyama, M Ono Acontrol 1 has been developed that can provide a small flyback DC-DC converter without an optocoupler. This 1 has new detection and control circuits using current mirrors and level-shift circuit technology. It reduces the mounting area of the DC-DC converter by 30%,

A Novel Ultra Low Power, High Impedance Current Mirror Circuit for Biasing Operational Amplifier in Sub-threshold Region
free download
ABSTRACT In this paper, we propose MOSFET model in region II (saturation) of a subthreshold region (where current becomes nearly constant with respect to drain-source voltage for a fixed gate-source voltage as shown in figure 1). We also propose designs of current

Very Low Power, Low Voltage, High Accuracy, and High Performance Current Mirror
free download
ABSTRACT A novel low power and low voltage current mirror with a very low current copy error is presented and the principle of its operation is discussed. In this circuit, the gain boosting regulated cascode scheme is used to improve the output resistance, while using

free download
ABSTRACT The cascode current mirror is one of the most necessary part in both in analog and mixed mode VLSI circuits. it is suitable for operation at low voltage levels is presented And the mirror has high input and high output voltage swings. The presented current mirror

A BiCMOS Low Power, Low Voltage Current Mirror
free download
Abstract This paper presents the development of a BiCMOS current mirror (CM) with requirements to operate with voltages lower than 1.5 volts and currents in the range of microamperes. A discussion of traditional CM configurations is presented as well as

Temperature Independent Band Gap Reference Voltage Using Regulated Cascode Current Mirror Structure
free download
ABSTRACT A bandgap reference is a temperature independent voltage reference circuit widely used in integrated circuits usually with an output voltage of 1.25 V, close to the theoretical 1.22 eV bandgap of silicon at 0k. It is the essential component of an analog-to-digital

A High Performance Novel PMOS Wilson Current Mirror
free download
ABSTRACT Current mirrors is one of the key elements in Analog circuit design. For high performance Analog circuit applications, the accuracy and output impedance are the key parameters for determining the performance of current mirror. Designing the appropriate

Design of Thin-Film-Transistor (TFT) Arrays Using Current Mirror Circuits.
free download
ABSTRACT The heart of the flat panel digital detector consists of a two-dimensional array of amorphous silicon photodiodes and thin-film transistors (TFTs), all deposited on a single substrate. We designed 4x4 matrix TFTs arrays using current mirror amplifiers.

free download
Abstract This work proposes a new low voltage current mirror circuit using bulk driven technique. Bulk driven technique is used to reduce the threshold of PMOS used in low voltage current mirror circuits (LVCM). The Proposed circuit consist of 4 PMOS and 5

Cascode Current Mirror for a Variable Gain Stage in a 1.8 GHz Low Noise Amplifier (LNA)
free download
Abstract A high frequency CMOS variable gain low noise amplifier (VGLNA) constructed based on an inductive source degenerated LNA and a cascode current mirror is proposed. The'variable'concept is to prevent the unwanted saturation phenomenon due to large

Design Analysis of Low Power Low Voltage Regulated Cascode Current Mirror
free download
ABSTRACT The current mirror is core structure of all most all analog and mixed mode circuits and the performance of analog structures largely depends on their characteristics. In this paper first we study the simple current mirror, cascode current mirror and different low

free download
ABSTRACT Floating Gate MOS (FGMOS) transistors can be very well implemented in lieu of conventional MOSFET for design of a low-voltage, low-power current mirror. Incredible features of flexibility, controllability and tunability of FGMOS yields better results with

2.2 Current Mirror Input
free download
Q IN Variation Aware Design of Data Receiver Circuits for 2002 Connecting a photodiode directly to the inputs of the sense amplifier places the largest capacitance in the circuit junction capacitance of the photodiode directly on the switching nodes, IN1 and IN2. Adding a current mirror solves this problem by isolating the

Study of Thermal Coupling Effect in GaAs Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors by Using SimpleCurrent Mirror Circuit
free download
ABSTRACT A simple method for determining the mutual thermal coupling resistance between adjacent heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBTs) in a GaAs integrated circuit (IC) is presented. It utilizes a simple current mirror (CM) configuration as a test vehicle to

free download
ABSTRACT The impact of tiny chip has been far-reaching. Many of the electronic products of today, could not have been developed without it. Platform for these chips has been provided by Integrated Circuits (ICs). Since 40 decades ICs have been far revolutionized.

Noise Tolerance Dynamic CMOS Logic Design with Current Mirror Circuit
free download
ABSTRACT Dynamic CMOS logic circuits are used in high performance VLSI chips in order to achieve very high system performance. These circuits requires less number of transistors as compare to CMOS logic circuits Dynamic logic circuits are much affected by noise as

Analysis and Characterization of Various Current Mirror Topologies in 90 nm Technology
free download
ABSTRACT Although large electronic systems can be constructed almost entirely with digital techniques, many systems still have analog components and current mirror is the core structure for almost all analog and mixed mode circuits. It determines the performance of

Low Voltage Current Mode Switched-Current-Mirror Mixer
free download
Abstract. A new CMOS active mixer topology can operate at 1 V supply voltage by use of SCM (switched currentmirror). Such current-mode mixer requires less voltage headroom with good linearization. Mixing is achieved with four improved current mirrors, which are

A Switch-Capacitor DAC Successive Approximation ADC Using Regulated Clocked Current Mirror
free download
ABSTRACT This paper presents a novel design of switch capacitor DAC successive approximation analog to digital converter (SAR-ADC) using regulated clocked current mirrors. The regulated clocked current mirror (RCCM) design is introduced to source (and

Symmetric Autozeroing Floating-Gate Current Mirror, Differential Pair and Transconductance Amplifier for Ultra Low-Voltage Applications
free download
ABSTRACT In this paper we explore the symmetric autozeroing ultra low-voltage current mirror, differential pair and transconductance amplifier and present some applications. The ultralow transconductance amplifier has a current boost function and resembles switch-

free download
Abstract As per the Moore's law, there is an extreme increase in number of on chip devices, this increase in chip density results in power dissipation and thus the power utilization is unsatisfactory. So to avoid this problem the concept of Low Power system

Maximum Bandwidth Enhancement of Current Mirror using Series-Resistor and Dynamic Body Bias Technique
free download
Abstract. This paper introduces a new approach for enhancing the bandwidth of a low voltage CMOS current mirror. The proposed approach is based on utilizing body effect in a MOS transistor by connecting its gate and bulk terminals together for signal input. This

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Low power vlsi

Analog layout

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Analog to digital converter

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