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Blood donation

Blood donation is one of the most significant contributions by the human being. Which person contributes the blood for donation, they make the huge respect towards the society. The blood donation does not become harmful for the adult people.

“The future can be anything we want it to be, providing we have the faith and that we realize that peace, no less than war, required “blood and sweat and tears.”

Blood donation is the big contribution in the whole life of people.

After the blood donation, the people can regenerate the blood again within the few days. It poses no threats to the metabolism of the body.

On 14th June, in every year, the world blood donor day is declared.

Needs of blood donation

  • Sometimes people have not the blood for the various reasons. They suffered from the different kind of diseases; they urgently need of the blood. There are many of the diseases such as Anemia, undergone an operation or may meet with the accident.
  • Some of the patients may die for the blood need, but that time they have not available the blood. Sometimes the pregnant ladies may also suffer this problem due to the lack of blood, and they need the urgent blood n that emergency situation.
  • There are patients’ needs of the blood of man and woman whenever necessary.
  • There are the different group of blood such as A, B, AB and O. It is another important for the blood need. The blood requires must be the same group for the proper health of a patient.
  • The required group must be the same while transplanting otherwise the transplantation will go in vain, and even the patient may die.
  • If the man has the O group of blood, then they will be the universal donor of the blood. They can give their blood to any other blood group of people. It rarely gets in some people body.
  • The AB group of the individual is also the universal blood donor, who can accept the all group of blood in his body.

In the every blood bank, they keep the blood for the instant users, because the limited period of blood cannot store, so they need to use the blood on steady and constant collection. Limited time of blood storage can become so harmful for blood needed people.

Advantages of the blood donation

Blood donation has many benefits for the blood donor. It gives certain facilities to the people while the blood was donating. It is a good thing for everyone. It is safe for blood giving people.

There are certain advantages given below:

  • Saves the life of someone

If we donate the blood, then we can save someone life. It will be very honorable for us. Many of the people need the urgent blood, so we can keep that person by donating the blood. It gives much satisfaction to us, which is the biggest thing that we will never experience.

It brings the proud feeling in the mind that we are the reason to save the life of someone. Its consequences, we are giving blood, so we can certainly give life to people.

After donating the blood, the human body regenerates the blood after few days with the new cells. It is a healthy process which defines that a person is fit and beautiful. The entire body gets to freshen up, and most of the health problems come to an end. So donating the blood can result in a much healthier body which increases your life span.

During the accident and injuries of the human being, the people require the blood so that they can get the blood from the blood bank urgently. If blood bank has available the same group of blood, then a patient can be treated as without any problem.

Thus the people should give blood on a regular basis so that the people can receive the treatment at the right time.

Blood donation camps

Some of the people have not the awareness about donating the blood. Everyone has the notice of blood donation. It is very helpful for the ineligible patient those have the lack of blood.

  • In the many clubs, colleges, different societies, offices, etc. the blood donation camps organized for blood donation.
  • We will get the pleasure of many people who suffers from the blood problems, and we can also become the good gesture. We must keep this attitude up at any cost.
  • In every blood bank, the blood requires running short, so by all this campaign, the people can donate the blood in camps which can help to enrich their capacity.
Checking of the blood before donation

Before the blood donation, blood donation camps checks the blood quality. It is essential for the human body while taking blood. It is a primary authority must for make sure about blood it is infected or not. If it is infected, then that person cannot donate the blood to another person.

Before you are ready to donate blood, the hospital professionals will make the principal diagnosis of the iron content, cholesterol, hemoglobin, etc. Thus you can find out whether everything is normal or not. If everything is fine, the doctor will suggest you make the donation.


Blood donation is our human duty. Our body does not get affected if we donate blood. The body can repair the loss within a few days. So we must come forward to give blood as it can make sure the return of a dying man again into the light of life.

Everyone has to give the blood for better health and save someone life. During the giving of blood as it is painless and will take about an hour only. So whenever we have spare time, we can visit the hospital and donate the blood. We will surely feel happy as people will shower their blessings on us for giving ourselves blood and saving their life.


The human body has to perform well in this wear and tear of the life. The most significant contribution to the best performance of human body is due to the healthy blood. Blood plays a vital role in human body. It shares a major part to support the functioning of the body, by circulating the food and oxygen to the whole body. The scarcity of the blood is harmful to the body and in some cases, it may lead to death. A person requires blood when he is abrupt by an accident or an operation. There may be a large loss of the blood during these circumstances and person requires the external source of blood. It is when blood donors play the considerable role in saving lives of people.To produce awareness among the students, schools and colleges often arrange the speech or essay competition on Blood Donation.  Here we have provided you with core information about the blood donation for your short speech, essay and paragraph. You can make some changes in the structure according to your need. So, let’s get started with blood donation.

Beginning of  Speech on Blood Donation

Good morning everyone, honourable chief guests, respected principal, teachers and all my dear friends. Today on the occasion of World Blood donor day, I would like to make you aware about the Blood Donation.


Human organs perform various activities in its daily routine. The required energy and oxygen to these organs is given by blood. Hence, blood plays a vital role in human body. But during some situations, human body require an external source of blood. When some people donate blood, this blood is used for the requirements of other people. 14th June is celebrated as World Blood Donor Day.

Why is blood donation important?

Every year our country require 5 crore units of blood, from which only 2.5 crore unit of blood is available. Even the worse condition is that there are nearly 8 main blood types. This indicates that the right type of blood must be available at right time and this is hardly possible in developing countries like India. So, to save a life of people, we must encourage people to donate maximum amount of blood to improve the situation.

 ” The gift of blood is a gift of life.”

Advantages of Blood Donation:

The best part of the blood donation is you will get blessings of the person, to whom your blood will be useful. One more thing is that one donor’s blood can be used by 3 to 4 patients, as the blood is divided into various useful components. So, you actually save more than one life by only one-time blood donation. Also, there are things of your use, that is you can get one free health check up. There are also some other useful facts like reducing the risk of heart disease and some type of cancers. So, we must encourage peoples to donate blood.


“The blood you donate gives someone another chance at life. One day that someone may be a close relative, a friend, a loved one or even you.”

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Speech Ending for Blood Donation:

Being a human, we must help other humans and tell other humans for the humanity. We must make a loud message for the whole world that “Humanity still exists in us! Thank You!

Tips for Speech on Blood Donation

  1. Practice is the key step towards a good speech. So, for a good speech, you must not compromise with practice.
  2. Confidence will be the golden touch to your speech.
  3. You can also use this content as anchoring or compering script too.

Tips for paragraph or essay on Blood Donation:

  1. Essays usually don’t have headlines. So, keep this thing in mind.
  2. You can add an effective headline to your paragraph.

If you liked our humble attempt to help people by providing information, then please let us know in the comment section below to motivate us. Thank you. 🙂

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